The UMass Industrial Hemp Research Initiative is a student-led initiative with recognition as a Student Project in Sustainable Food and Farming.

Our University is among one of the top agricultural and sustainable universities in the United States and the World; and therefore, we believe we should be growing and researching Industrial Hemp. Industrial Hemp is reviving as the sustainable link between agriculture and industry and is a sustainable source of fiber (ie. textiles, paper), fuel (i.e. biomass, biodiesel), medicine (ie. cannabinols), construction materials (ie. hempcrete, fiberglass replacement), and graphene (ie. super-capacitors).  Industrial Hemp’s role in cutting edge research shows great potential for many departments across UMass.

This initiative is a great way to harness the existing and widespread student & faculty support for hemp research and give it a ‘home’ in this student-led project.   Students & faculty here at UMass want to research hemp; however, the first major step is to help bring together those that are interested in growing and researching hemp and then collectively educating and advocating towards the goal of being able to make it a reality after many decades where it hasn’t been grown in Massachusetts.

If you are a constituent of the University of Massachusetts, please sign the petition (linked to in the main menu of this website) calling upon UMass to grow hemp for research and agricultural pilot programs.

Our initiative advocates for non-GMO hemp grown in the good ole sun & soil with emphasis on the regenerative organic practices aimed at increasing soil health and potentially sequestering carbon, mitigating the damage conventional agriculture has done to our shared planet.

This music video is a great way to learn about the history and potential of hemp in about 3min – check it out!

Here is a great short 12 minute documentary from Patagonia on why American Farmers should be allowed to harvest hemp.

Here is Masoud growing Kenaf at UMass back in 2011.  This is similar to hemp and shows what it may be like when we first grow hemp here at UMass.

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